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About Get

Technology and innovation

Since 1969 we have been a pioneer in the development of TV and broadband. Today we are characterized by our entrepreneurship, and the desire to break barriers by offering innovative and easy-to-use solutions.

Om Get teknologi

Get was Europe's first cable company to test 1,000 Mbps in 2013. We are now working on establishing Gigabit capacity for all customers.

We currently cooperate closely with the world's leading technology companies, and a number of our innovations are sold as solutions elsewhere around the world.

How we have changed Norwegians' everyday media consumption:

1969: First cable TV in Norway
1988: Norway's first decoders, enabling customers to select TV channels for the first time
1997: First broadband in Norway
1999: Norway's first “Triple Play” (TV, Broadband and Telephone)
2006: First network company in Norway with PVR
2006: Norway's first cable-based film rental
2007: World's first cable company to distribute all services via IP
2008: World's first HDPVR without fan
2011: Europe's first 200 Mbps in a hybrid fibre network
2012: Launched the markets smallest TV box, Get box mikro
2013: Launched the market's most advanced PVR, Get box II
2013: Launched the market's greatest freedom of choice for TV
2013: Launched TV on iPad
2013: Europe's first 1 Gbps in a hybrid fibre network
2014: Launching the next generation user interface for TV on iPhone and iPad, including personal recommendations. Streaming of TV to smartphones and tablets are included in our basic subscription
2016: Launched "The new TV experience" with opportunities to see programs in replay, start programs from the beginning, and record four programs simultaneous

We have invested in a world class fibre network stretching from Hammerfest in the north to Kristiansand in the south. We use fibre technologies that provide customers with the speed, stability and security they need – now and in the future.