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About Get

Corporate responsibility

We build for the future, not just according to present requirements.


Developing infrastructure is a critical task for society. Norwegian politicians want private players to do this, and here Get has an important social mission.

In recent years we have invested several billion kroner in network and infrastructure, and have made an important contribution toward more than 1 million households having access to a fibre-based broadband network. In order to ensure that we resolve our social mission in the best possible manner also for the future, we engage in close dialogue with the authorities.

Get has associates from many different countries, and an inclusive culture with much leeway. Everyone receives equal treatment, regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or functional ability. We place great emphasis on honesty, integrity and ethics in all our operations, and our code of conduct is preventive with regard to corruption or bribery. We have a dedicated whistle-blowing procedure where associates are encouraged to report blameworthy issues.

Get actively works to spare the environment through efficient use of electronic internal communication, and in customer communications. We have upgraded our vehicle fleet to minimize CO2 emissions, and have automatic systems for the control of lighting and heating for as efficient energy use as possible. All cables, etc., used to develop infrastructure are manufactured in a modern and environmentally friendly way, and in compliance with the RoHS-2 directive, which is a set of rules that limits the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. We are a member of the electrical recycling scheme that ensures safe collection of equipment that cannot be reused.

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Get has an active presence in various local communities, and supports Norwegian sports and the recruitment of children and young people. We are the main sponsor of the Get League, the highest level of Norwegian ice hockey, and have particular focus on the development of young talents through the grant scheme “Get Rookie of the year”. We also organize “Children's day” where children and young people can meet ice hockey stars and try out their skills on the ice alongside them. We also support the promising young sailors Ragna and Maia Agerup on their way to the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016, as well as the BMX cyclist Ola Selsjord, who is headed toward the world's best in his sport.